22. It’s my birthday. I feel as though I’m past the age of wild and reckless, and leaning more towards GET A JOB AND YOUR OWN INSURANCE. Okay, I get it Mom.

I’ve learned some things the easy way and some things the hard way, so here we go.

22 Things I’ve Learned by 22

  1. Detoxify your life from the ground up. Although it hurts, friends that make you feel bad about yourself shouldn’t be your friends. You’ll make new ones, and they will still sing with you in the car.
  2. It makes my eyes roll just saying it, but if your parents don’t like someone, their gut feelings could be a clue into your future. Listen to them.
  3. When you prioritize your future, your eliminating unnecessary stress. Just do your homework on time, fill out those job applications, and practice your interview smile in mirror. It’ll all work out.
  4. Drink a glass of water or two before bed. Whether you’ve been drinking alcohol or not.
  5.  We’re at a critical age where we need to protect our mental health. Don’t let other things get in the way of your happiness or your health.
  6. Speaking of that, if someone is endangering themselves or others, just tell someone, call the police, or a help line. They might not thank you for it, but if you don’t, you’ll feel guilty forever.
  7. Talk to your parents (or mentors, whatevs) about what you’re going through. I still give them the appropriate amount of eye rolls, but they really do know what they’re talking about.
  8. On that note, keep your family close. In my most desperate times in my 22 years, it’s them who have helped me get by. And it’s them who will be there through the next couple of crazy years of moving and life changes.
  9. If you can’t exercise, at least take a walk. It’s amazing what 30 minutes to an hour will do for your physical and mental health.
  10. Don’t play around, just tell him you like him. Ain’t nobody got time for beating around the bush.
  11. And if it’s not working out, just tell him and bail. Ain’t nobody got time for that either.
  12. Memorize as many phone numbers as you can. I have all of my immediate family member’s numbers memorized. It can come in really handy when you least expect it.
  13. Get used to always knowing which way is north.
  14. Find a hobby that is just for yourself so you have something as an outlet.
  15. If it’s not in the fridge in the grocery store, it doesn’t have to go in the fridge at home.
  16. Take all the pictures you can, but post them for yourself, not for likes.
  17. Print off the good photos, write on the back the names of people in it, and the memory associated with it while it’s still fresh in your mind. Later in life you might not remember the little details of those nights out, but this might help.
  18. Adventures are always worth the money, and the 9 to 5 can wait.
  19. Peel avocados, don’t scoop them out with a spoon.

    The dark green part of the avocado near its skin has more helpful antioxidants than its yellow or pale green fleshy parts. It has the highest concentration of carotenoids and chlorophylls, which help fight free radical damage and cancer. Avocado peel also has more phenols and flavonoids, which have a number of health benefits, including preventing nerve degeneration. Scrape out the fruit flesh close to the skin.

  20. Use a thesaurus, but only use words you would say out loud in your normal speech.
  21. Pomegranates are worth it if you need to work on your patience and you like the fruit.
  22. Being happy is the most important thing, and until you realize that, nothing makes a lot of sense. Don’t do things that don’t make you happy with people that don’t make you happy. All of that is a waste of time.

Ah, and of course, Caribou gives you free coffee on your birthday when you sign up. Caribou is the best. Can’t wait for that sip in 8 hours.

Yay I love birthdays.



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