The State Of Our Union (according to women)

“We come in peace, but we mean business,” said Janelle Monae at the Grammy’s this last Sunday. 


Everything is political now, including Hollywood entertainment awards, where celebs are supporting #TimesUp, #metoo, and speaking out against sexual assault in Hollywood and everywhere.

So while Trump gives his speech on nukes and immigration laws, women have again decided to protest Trump.

In an event called The State Of Our Union, speakers Tarana Burke, Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Cecile Richards (to name a few) came together to unite and empower women.

The Lilly reported on this take of the state of the union.

The event will start with an hour of women’s stories, including from assault and trafficking survivors, children of DACA recipients, and others painting a picture of their America. The collective will also be releasing new polling data, which Poo says will contradict what we can expect to hear from the president (“that it’s all great and getting better”) and mobilize allies ahead of important elections coming later this year.

Another resistance to the president’s State of the Union address is Alyssa Milano’s trending hashtag #StateOfTheDream.

“It sounds so corny, but for me, it’s the idea that love is louder,” she said. “If we can really just put all of our voices together and show the world that a man in the White House is not representing this country, I think that that would feel very good for many people.”

So if you were too busy watching and tweeting along with the women of the State Of Our Union, here’s an analysis of what Trump said (it’s important to know what he said so you can properly critique it around the water cooler tomorrow).

And some tweets following the Democratic response (including a shout out to #metoo):


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