Get the most out of your student ID in Kearney


UNKCard_femaleThat ID you keep in your pocket can be used for much more than just getting into the dorms and the gym. If you haven’t been whipping that thing out while shopping (especially for food) you are missing out on a ton of savings.

Places in Kearney

Qdoba – Free drink with purchase

It’s going to be a guac’in year.

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Subway – 10% off purchase

Burger King – 10% off purchase

Arby’s – 10% off purchase

Hope this makes it across the table

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McDonald’s – 10% off purchase

Buffalo Wild Wings – 10% off purchase

No one's hangry here.

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Dunkin Donuts – 10% off purchase

Taco Bell – 10% off purchase


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Hyvee – 5% off purchase

Family Fresh – 5% off purchase


Caribou Coffee – 50 cents off on Fridays

Butterscotch iced crafted press is our new go-to! #cariboucoffee #caribouboldnorth

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Kearney Cinema 8 – $2 off ticket price


Other amazing places to use your ID

You can verify your enrollment online and get tons of deals across the board!! This is where you really earn that tuition money back, like getting a couple hundred bucks off a Macbook Pro, and paying only $20 a month for Adobe Creative Suite instead of $50! Not to mention Spotify Premium for Students, which is only $5 a month, and now includes a Hulu account (hello endless streaming)!



Adobe Creative Suite


Amazon Prime

Spotify Premium (Now with Hulu)

Apple Music



Journal Star’s editorial on the tax on tampons hits the nail on the head

Last week the Lincoln Journal Star’s editorial board released an editorial entitled, “Exempt feminine hygiene products from sales tax”, which explores Senator Mike McDonnell’s introduction of a bill that would remove sales tax from feminine hygiene products.

The article explains that Nebraska would not be the first state to try implementing a bill of this sort:

“The Tax Foundation reports that, in 2016, 13 states and the District of Columbia saw efforts that would specifically exempt feminine hygiene products from their statewide sales taxes. In all, nine states have adopted plans to stop subjecting these items to sales taxes, joining five states that levy no sales tax.”

As the president and founder of the UNK chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), I have been advocating for the removal of the “tampon tax” for months now. At AAUW we have been working to get free tampons on the UNK campus.


Sarah Larimer wrote in the Washington Post that there is no equal necessity for men that would be comparable to tampons for women. Labelling tampons as a necessity could make it more possible for the product to be potentially free in the future, easing the burden for millions of people. Movements like Free the Tampon are advocating for free tampons and pads across the board, just like toilet paper.

The LA Times reported that California schools are already offering free tampons for students in low income homes in grades 6-12, and the New York Times reported that the city will be offering free feminine hygiene products in public schools, shelters and corrections facilities.

These steps in the right direction are hopefully only the beginning of the conversation about free feminine hygiene products, but for now, let’s get rid of that sales tax.



Follow these accounts to experience the Midwest

Although the national news often reports on the east and west coasts, the news in the heartland of America is equally as important. To be informed on local news, I follow regional and local accounts (as well as national accounts) to stay updated on current events and information happening close to me. Twitter is a great option to stay on top of news as it’s happening, and it’s where I most often turn to learn what’s going on.

If you aren’t up to date on news and information about Nebraska and the surrounding areas, you will be after checking out these 10 Twitter accounts!


The Lincoln Journal Star is great for local news, as well as relating national news to Nebraska.


Since I live in Kearney, the Kearney Hub provides information about where I live and how it affects me.


Next up is yet another Nebraska newspaper, this time from Omaha. Coming from the largest city in Nebraska, the stories lean a little more toward the urban lifestyle of the city.


I tend to turn to the Associated Press for news on Twitter, and this account highlights things mostly in the central region of the nation. This is great for bigger news stories affecting the heartland.


Although not hard news, Midwest Living has great stories about local places, as well as recipes and interior decoration. I find this a great break from the hard news about midwest, as this still relates to me in Nebraska, and is sometimes a little more fun to read.


This account is great for seeing Nebraska’s beauty, and makes you want to travel the state to find it for yourself.


I don’t have local TV stations, so if I want to watch local stories that appeared on television, I go to NTV’s account to quickly see if there are any stories I missed. It is truly a great place to find the tri-city’s news and weather.


Nebraskagov is a great account to check out if you want to know what’s going on at the capital building in Lincoln.


Who knew Nebraska had so many state parks? A great way to see what Nebraska has to offer is to follow this account and see where to travel for a day.


If you’ve already seen all the great state parks, this account gives great information about fun places to visit in the state!





Skipping the tuition and learning from the pros at nofilmschool

As a student in my last semester of college, I’ve learned to absorb knowledge from every available source. Self-taught algebra and hobby photography has led me to learn from the Google search bar, which I primarily use for self-diagnosing physical ailments (Yes, I’m a hypochondriac).

I’m hoping to pursue a career in videography, and as a twenty-something I find it helpful to seek advice from those who have already paved the way in the field. That’s mostly why my favorite blog to follow is nofilmschool.


The Best Under-the-Radar Tech & Gear You Missed in 2017

The blog is helpful for anything video-related, including troubleshooting editing software, comparing cameras and equipment, and tips to make your projects look top-notch.


This blog is great to follow for professional advice for up-to-date information on very specific topics that pertain to my career path. It’s a go-to for me when I have some time to catch up on information relevant my interest in videography.